• On-line teacher support which is close to home.

• Options for in-person instruction and support right here on the Sunshine Coast.

• Excellent quality instruction from experienced teachers.

• Quality proven online learning software.

• Access to Sunshine Coast Alternative School resources and programs. (P.E., Fine Arts, Outdoor Education, Photography, Grrlz Group, Counselling, Career Exploration, various employment related certification) etc.

• No fees for B.C. residents who are Canadian Citizens or who have Landed Immigrant status.


• Students who participate in home schooling.

• Students who require a flexible learning schedule.

• Students involved in elite activities that require travel, and intensive practice or rehearsal schedules.

• Independent, self-motivated learners.


• Willing to maintain regular contact with teacher (email, phone, instant messenger, or in person).

• Comfortable using a computer.

• Secondary programs require literacy skills at grade level (minimum grade 6/7).

SPIDER offers courses leading toward high school graduation, anytime anywhere there is internet access.

Registration is limited in order to ensure quality of support and access to a variety of resources.  Registration during the school year will take place on an ongoing basis.  Registration packages are available on line or at the Sechelt Learning Centre, previously Sechelt Elementary School, Sechelt B.C.

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